My dream was to be an artist (Painter) and have been struggling many years. There are lots of artists who inspired me and who I respect especially contemporary artists Saya U Win Pe Myint, Saya Mon Thet, Saya U Aung Ba, Saya Win Tint, Ko Myint Naing, and Min Lu Lu who is my super hero Comic Artist. These are the people I have opportunities to meet and learn from them, there are many other artists who shared their knowledge and skills to me.

Here, I would like to express how I became a graphic designer. I came to Yangon to be Comic Artist and met with my teacher Min Lu Lu. I learned a lot  from him not only many techniques but also concept like perspective. 2 years later, I joined State School of Fine Art (Yangon).  After 3 years of studies, I was graduated and step into the artist life. My attempt to be an artist for 2 years and more didn’t discourage me to be an artist. However, I had to prioritize my struggles for my daily life since I didn’t have neither my own place nor a place to stay and I could barely afford for foods at that time.

In 2000, I submitted my application for Graphic Designer to Myanmar Far East Co., Ltd, an advertising agency. From then, my Graphic Designer life started.

During the time of my hardships, I was blessed to meet good friends who helped me, encouraged me, and inspired me. Moreover, I also learned from many inspiring artists by seeing their art works.


28 June 2017
12:05 AM


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